All-inclusive fees

At Bray Park Early Learning Centre, we love supporting our families and one of the ways we do this is through our amazing centre benefits, all included in our daily fee. As well as the very best childcare and early education, as a Bray Park Early Learning Centre family, you will also enjoy all of the benefits below at no extra cost. Nappies, hats, sunscreen, and linen are also included in our fees.

Nutritious meals

We believe that a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is an important factor in a child’s mental and physical development. As such, our children enjoy delicious and nutritious meals, prepared fresh by our Chef in our in-house kitchen. Our meals are designed to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and provide our children with at least half of their daily nutritional requirements. We also place emphasis on teaching children how to make healthy food choices and the importance of nourishing their bodies.

We work with our families to ensure we are aware of, and cater for, any allergies, intolerances, or cultural needs your child may have when it comes to food.

Free barista coffee

Craving a cappuccino? Longing for a latte? Get excited, because one of the amazing centre benefits we offer our parents is free barista coffee every morning upon drop-off!

Extracurricular activities

To enhance our children’s learning, we offer specially selected extracurricular activities that complement our curriculum. Children enjoy engaging in special gardening and sustainability lessons that teach them the importance of taking care of our natural world. Our centre Chef also holds fun (and delicious) interactive cooking classes with the children. Stay tuned for more extracurricular activities to be announced soon.

Join our Bray Park Early Learning Centre family